Working on some armor stuff.

Power Girl

Here's a painting I did of Power Girl, a DC super hero. There are still a few fixes I'd like to make to this painting. The revision will be up shortly.


Here are some of the sketches I did at the Fan Expo! Always fun to get down and draw some stuff on the spot for people. Something I'd like to do more of.


Updated paintings

SO! Here's some updated painting that I've been working on. I've recently watched some "speed painting" tutorials, and used that knowledge to do the backgrounds for these.


Here's a mech that I've been working on for the weekly sketch at work. I tried to think of the most badass mech that I could, and came up with this. I'm currently working on painting this mech, and making a list of all the weapons equipped. Also, working on a backstory to go along with the artwork.

It's been a while/Work in progress

It's a work in progress.