May 11secondclub!

Competed in the 11secondclub competition for May 2013 and came in 14th! Yay! First time I've competed in the competition, and it won't be the last time. Pretty fun stuff. I have a lot of tweaks I'd like to get to, and I will eventually. But for now, here it is. Enjoy!


WW Hulk

Practicing my pencils with some HULK!



I drew a pic of Mikey and decided to throw some quick colours on it.


Here's a few drawings of Raph. Tried some new stuff with his face, but they didn't work out. I like the classic looking one the best, so I'll stick with that. I'm definitely going to try to redesign his costume a bit, maybe try some new stuff. Anyhoot, enjoy!


Little late with the dailies. Got busy with some spring cleaning/re-organizing, kept busy with drawing, just didn't get around to scanning. Here's a quick drawing of Casey Jones!


The elder on the bluff

Here's some background practice! I learned a lot, and would really like to paint this one.


Somethin' need fixin'?

Mechanic lady! She's more macho than me... It could have been better, but I've been working on my layouts/backgrounds and this was quick.


The explorer

Quick post. Not entirely happy with how this turned out. Something about the proportions...Ah well, here it is!


It's Donatello! And another slightly off model version of him. For some reason I imagine Don to be a giant. The biggest of the turtles, standing over 7 foot tall, and being the quietest, most introverted of the bunch. A gentle giant. You know, until the foot clan comes rolling into town. I've got to draw him smashing some foot soldiers.



A couple of kids finds a genie! Wonder what their first wish would be.


The Lemur King

I don't feel like writing anything...oh no! I just did. 



So I'm stickin' with the ninja turtle thing. I thought Leo could have been blinded by Shredder during a fight when they first met in battle.Which lead to him becoming more disciplined when compared to the other turtles.